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Biblioteca dei Musei Provinciali di Gorizia – ERPAC

Via Armando Diaz, 5 (ingresso da Via Alvarez, 8) Gorizia


I nuovi acquisti della nostra Biblioteca Provinciale di Gorizia gestita dall'Ente Regionale Patrimonio Culturale del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Die bunte Welt: Handuch zum künstlerisch illustrierten Kinderbuch in Wien: 1890-1938

Documento per sola consultazione interna
Inventario ERP 6424
Collocazione Cat 28132

Borderlands of memory: Adriatic and Central European perspectives
The complex intertwining of history, memory, space, place and identity in borderlands is the topic of this edited collection. Using a transnational analysis of multi-layered cases from the northern Adriatic and Central Europe, the essays address fundamental questions in the history of the twentieth century.
The geographical areas under scrutiny have experienced regular re-drawings of political borders, reconfigurations of state orders, and changes in ideological frameworks. The symbolic boundaries that formed the mental map of the modern world were located here: West vs East, Latin vs German vs Slavic, European vs Oriental, antifascism vs fascism, capitalism vs communism, etc.
These symbolic dimensions influence the local reality, intersecting with international developments and global processes. How these changes in ideology, state and the resulting spatial politics have functioned within varying historical frameworks, and what we can learn from their changing meanings, is the main focus of this volume. Its content represents a privileged perspective on understanding ruptures as well as continuities in memory cultures, commemorative practices, situational identifications and the varying politics of the past in European borderlands.

Inventario ERP 6470
Collocazione Cat 28138

Language diversity in the late Habsburg empire

Inventario ERP 6469
CollocazioneCat 28137

Political economy in the Habsburg monarchy, 1750-1774: the contribution of Ludwig Zinzendorf

InventarioERP 6467
Collocazione Cat 28135

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Via Armando Diaz, 5 - ingresso da Via Alvarez, 8 – Gorizia